2014 Study Skills Syllabus

 Melinda Smith| smithme@ltisdschools.org|512.533.5741
Daily Conference 3:07 - 3:55pm
Course Description:

This course is designed to reinforce cross-disciplinary standards and to provide the tools necessary for student success through a well-developed curriculum. The focus will be on key cognitive skills, foundational skills,organizational skills, and time-management. Class time during this course will include both mini-lessons (10 to 15minutes in length) and opportunity to apply study skill strategies to daily homework.


Materials Required:

  •  Planner/Planner Supplement
  •  Pen
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  •  HOMEWORK (textbooks, work book, work-sheets,calculator, etc…)
  • Library Book


Grading Policy:

25%        Planner

             This WEEKLY PLANNER GRADE will reflect the use of planners in their classes. Please note that if your planner is not with you the day the planner grade is taken, it will result as a missed homework assignment and will be held to the grading policy and procedures found in the study handbook.

25%        Class Participation/Organization

Class Participation: 

Each mini-lesson will be structured to include a classroom discussion, activity, etc.  Class participation in the skills/concepts being taught is required.

                  Organizational Grades: 

This grade will be taken randomly and will include such aspects as network folder organization,locker organization, binder/folder organization, etc…          

50%        Time-Management

                  This DAILY grade will be taken to measure how students use the independent homework time provided in class.



**Absences are subject to the guidelines provided in your Lake Travis ISD Middle School Student Handbook.**



Classroom Discipline:

This class will follow the school classroom discipline standards upheld on this campus.