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Safe Harbor Clinic!
Thursday, July 30, 2015


Contact Information
Name: Sharmae Erickson, RN, MSN, NCSN
Phone: (512)533-7402
Come Rest in the Safe Harbor…
My name is Sharmae Erickson.  I am your school nurse.  My education includes a Master's degree in nursing with an additional national certification in school nursing.    My experience in the healthcare field spans 17 years with an emphasis in pediatrics.  My experience  has been in all health care settings (clinic, community, hospital (intensive care), and home health).  I have 4 children , 5 grandchildren and 14 nieces and nephews (+ 1 great niece).  I love kids!  In my spare time I love to be with my family, walk, garden, be on the lake, help others in need,  educate myself, and CLEAN (believe it or not!).  I look forward to caring for your children in my “Safe Harbor”.

Sharmae Erickson, RN, BSN, NCSN

Returning to School after Illness Guideline: 
Children must remain home until they have been free of  illness
 for 24 hours.Illnesses to consider include: Diarrhea, Vomiting, and Fever (Temperature of 100.4 or greater)



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