Campus Improvement Plan

I.                Student Achievement:

District Goal:  Increase academic achievement forall students while closing the gap between student populations in pursuit of exemplary performance at the state and national levels.

Campus Goal: All studentswill meet and exceed district, state and national standards as measured in theAcademic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS). 

A.    100%of students in grades 3-5 will achieve Level II: Satisfactory on STAAR math,reading, writing, and science.

B.    70%of students in grades 3-5 will achieve Level III: Advanced on STAAR math,reading, writing, and science.

C.    100%of SHE K-2nd grade students will meet or exceed state and local TPRIperformance standards in reading.

D.    100%of SHE K-2nd grade students will read on grade level at the end ofthe year (on the DRA).

E.     100%of SHE K-2nd grade students will achieve mastery on the end of theyear math assessment.

II.             CommunityInvestment and Support:

District Goal: Welcome, inform and engage students, parents, and the community regarding the educational priorities, processes, initiatives, and challenges of the District.

Campus Goal: Partner with parents to increase engagement in the educational process.

A.    100%of Serene Hills staff will maintain clear, courteous communication.

B.    100%of the Serene Hills Elementary parents will attend two or more PTO or school sponsored events.

C.    100%of the Serene Hills Elementary staff will attend one or more PTO sponsored events.

D.    100%of the Serene Hills staff will utilize the campus website to inform parents of best practices for helping students at home academically.

E.     50%of the Serene Hills Elementary families will attain “Best Club” status (100volunteer hours per school year).

F.     100%of teachers will hold two conferences per year.

III.           Curriculum:             

DistrictGoal: Develop, implement, assess, and support full implementation of a high quality, vertically aligned curriculum that exceeds the state’s TEKS requirements by enhancing and utilizing research-based best practices from across the state and nation. 

Campus Goal:  Ensurethat all children achieve academic success through differentiated, rigorous instruction.

A.    100% of the teachers will be trained in Margaret Kilgo’s Data Driven Decisions & Assessment.

B.    100% of teachers will follow the CSCOPE scope andsequence.

C.    100% of teachers will participate in vertical andhorizontal team planning for alignment purposes.

D.    100% of teachers will engage in professional development in the following areas: professional learning communities,differentiated instruction, formative assessment, and inclusion.

E.     100% of teachers will regularly integrate theTechnology Application TEKS into the curriculum.

F.     100% of teachers will support the emphasis on building academic vocabulary through the use of common vocabulary for each grade level.

G.    Students who score at 90% or above on local math assessments shall be eligible to participate in an accelerated math program.

H. 100%of students in grades K-5 will receive Health Education.

I.    100%of students will master the appropriate grade level Health TEKS.

J.   100%of students will participate in CATCH program activities.

K.  100% of students in grades 3-5 of thei dentified non-restricted students (under the health classification forphysical education) will be assessed using FitnessGram.

L.  85%of students in grades K-5 will pass the identified skill movement, physical activity, and social developmental assessments.

M.100% of students will receive 135 minutes of physical activity weekly.

IV.            SchoolEnvironment: (Chapter 37 / Discipline - Law and Order)

DistrictGoal:  At all campusesand District facilities, provide an educational environment that reflects acommitment to safety, security, orderliness, and high standards of citizenshipamong students, staff, community, and visitors.

Campus Goal: Provide a safe, nurturing environment that encourages all students toexhibit their personal best academically and socially.

A.    Maintain a maximum amount of 100 discipline referrals per year, to maintain a safe and positive school environment

B.    Maintain a baseline of 97.0% attendance rate

C.    100% of Serene Hills employees will adhere to campus safety procedures.

D.    100% usage of the visitor management system (Raptor).

E.     100% implementation of the Campus Emergency Plan.

F.     100% of Serene Hills employees will wear their district identification badges while on campus and at district training/events.

G.    100% of Serene Hills employees will participate in Olweus Bully Prevention Program (OBPP) training.

H.    100% of Serene Hills families will be given the opportunity to attend a campus Olweus information session

I.      100% of students will engage in lessons that support character education standards.

V.              Collegeand Career Readiness: (P-16)

DistrictGoal:  Develop programinitiatives and activities that reflect a commitment to preparing students for educational pursuits beyond their traditional Lake Travis ISD experiences.

Campus Goal: Provide students opportunities that will increase their knowledge oflife beyond elementary school: middle school, high school, college, career, andproductive citizenship in our society.

                             A.     100%will receive information about middle and high school programs, events, etc.

                             B.     100%will be exposed to college and career awareness opportunities.

Last Modified on January 21, 2014