Volunteer & Student Mentor Opportunities
Be a Volunteer!
Lake Travis ISD believes community involvement in our schools is a vital component for school success.  Volunteering in schools has a "rippling" effect.  Your willingness to become involved benefits many.   Volunteers include parents, community members, and organizations that volunteer their time and share their talents.  To begin your volunteer journey, please contact the Community Programs office at (512) 533-6011.
Be a Student Mentor!
A Mentor is a suitable role model committed to serve as a guide and friend to a designated student.  Regardless of your age, occupational experience or educational background, if you have a sincere desire to make a difference in a child's life, you can do it!  Training is provided.  To begin your mentor journey, contact Community Programs at 512-533-6011 communityprograms@ltisdschools.org.
Share Your Expertise... Make a Difference!
Lake Travis ISD is looking for community members who are willing to share their expertise with our teachers and students for classroom presentations, career day, etc.  This is a great opportunity for the community to enrich our classrooms and inspire our youth.  If you join our list, district administrators will be able to call upon you to reinforce classroom instruction with your life experiences and expertise, as they deem appropriate.  To share your expertise, read and complete the Sharing Your Expertise form below.
(Stay tuned for more information on 2014-15 Volunteer involvement opportunities!)

Please contact the Community Programs Department at 533-6011 with any questions regarding district facility rental agreements.